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When you receive your booking confirmation, please take the time to follow the link to the health history form. Fill this in and submit.

Make a booking with Gentle Hands Massage Brisbane

We use Power Diary for our online bookings. Here are some tips on how to use it.

 Or, go straight to the Power Diary booking portal….

To Make An Appointment

Click on the Book Online link to be taken to the Power Diary bookings page.

Follow the prompts: Login and if new to this page, create a login. This will take you to a page that says “Book an Appointment”, “Book a Class”, “My Appointments”. Choose your location. Choose your service and if you are not sure, then just choose the amount of time you want ie 30, 60 or 90 minutes. It will then ask you to choose your provider – click on “Select”. The next screen is a Calendar of availability – click through until you find something suitable. If nothing suits, please send me a text message or email. A “Final Step” screen pops up. Check your details and choose “Book Now”. “Appointment Booked” screen appears – your appointment is confirmed. Check your emails for the booking confirmation which will contain details for your appointment including address and a link to fill in an online health summary form.

Your Appointment is Confirmed

This page shows you the details about your appointment.  An email will be on its way containing address details and a link to the online health summary form. You will receive notification of your appointment via email. A reminder will be sent to you the day prior.

Change your Mind?
Reschedule or Cancel Appointments If you make a booking and something comes up that you cannot keep this appointment or you need to reschedule, please phone, text, email, Facebook message. If you prefer the old fashioned way of making appointments, just phone.

Health History Form

Taking a full health history is a mandatory part of any appointment. This can take some time to do, especially if you have to think about details of previous medical history. To streamline your appointment and to ensure you receive the best possible treatment, please follow the link in your booking confirmation or your reminder email and fill in the health summary form.

Your appointment time includes necessary paperwork. Therefore, filling in this form prior to your appointment will ensure that ‘paperwork’ has a minimal effect on your ‘hands-on’ time.

This form is submitted in a secure and confidential manner.


Massage Modalities

Oncology, pregnancy, lymph massage – 30 or 60 mins This covers the following massages

Remedial Massage – 60 mins

Unsure what to pick? Select the time frame, ie 30 or 60 mins, and we can discuss at your appointment

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